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Executive Officer

The American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) has retained Sterling Martin Associates to search for its next Executive Officer. The position is located in Rockville, MD outside of Washington, DC.

The American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) is a 501(c)(3) professional membership society dedicated to promoting the discovery, advancement, and dissemination of basic and translational knowledge in experimental pathology and related disciplines. ASIP is the premiere research society for pathology. ASIP advocates for the practice of investigative pathology and fosters the professional career development and education of its 1,100 members, who come from academia, government, hospitals and other medical facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry. ASIP is a member of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), a coalition of independent societies that plays an active role in advocating for the interests of 115,000 biomedical scientists. ASIP is also a charter member of the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI), a 501(c)(3) coalition of national pathology organizations dedicated to providing information about pathology training programs and career opportunities for pathologists.

Established in 1913 and headquartered in Rockville, MD, ASIP is governed by a 12-member Council that includes five officers, two Councilors-at-Large, and five committee chairs. The day-by-day affairs of the organization are overseen by the Executive Officer who also serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of the Society Council. Nine committees guide the organization’s activities. The staff includes eight professionals whose activities are devoted to ASIP and four additional staff members who manage The American Journal of Pathology and ASIP’s other publications. ASIP’s has an annual budget of approximately $3M. For more information, please visit www.asip.org.

ASIP is seeking an Executive Officer who will report to and work with the Council and its Executive Committee to develop and implement the Society’s strategic initiatives. S/he will be expected to have the energy and vision to achieve the Society’s goals. In addition to overseeing the day-by-day management of the Society, the Executive Officer will oversee continuing medical education programs and provide support for planning ASIP’s annual meetings and conferences. S/he will manage the Journal staff and will be responsible for overseeing the publication of ASIP’s journals as well as the Association’s newsletters and other print publications. In addition, s/he will manage ICPI operations and publication of its Directory of Pathology Training Programs.

The Executive Officer will serve as the face of ASIP, both internally and externally. S/he will be an excellent communicator and relationship-builder, with strong leadership skills. Finally, the Executive Officer will be responsible for promoting a dynamic, efficient organizational culture that embraces growth, ensures accountability, and maintains ASIP’s long tradition of transparency and integrity.

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Sterling Martin Associates has been retained by Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Opens Doors Foundation (ODF) to search for its President. The position is located at MBA’s headquarters offices in Washington, DC. Alternative locations in other major metropolitan areas will also be considered.

MBA and its members are committed to giving back to the communities served by MBA. To that end, the MBA established the Opens Doors Foundation in 2012. ODF sponsors philanthropic activities focused on home and community support. The Foundation also seeks to aid, nurture, and empower people and communities by developing and supporting programs that promote and defend sustainable homes for American families.

The Foundation’s first initiative makes mortgage and rental assistance payment grants to parents and guardians with critically ill or injured children, allowing them to take unpaid leave from work and spend precious time together without jeopardizing their cherished homes. The Mortgage and Rental Grant Assistance Initiative is a program by which designated health care partners identify and provide program information to families that may benefit from financial support. The Foundation’s Mortgage Grant Assistance Initiative provides grants to parents and guardians with critically ill or injured children, allowing them to take unpaid leave from work and spend precious time together without jeopardizing their cherished homes. The Rental Grant Assistance Initiative provides grants to parents and guardians with critically ill or injured children. Much like the Mortgage Assistance Initiative, the Rental Grant Assistance Initiative helps families focus on the health of their child instead of their next rent payment.

To meet its mission, ODF identifies and facilitates the designation of additional health care providers as initiative partners. (ODF currently has relationships/partnerships with nine children’s hospitals across the U.S.)

A 15-member Board of Directors guides the Foundation’s activities.  In November 2016, ODF announced that it had reached its 2016/2017 fundraising campaign goal of $1.5 million. ODF has ambitious plans to increase revenue substantially and broaden the scope of its grants. For more information about Mortgage Bankers Association, please visit www.mba.org. For more information about ODA, please visit https://www.mba.org/who-we-are/the-mba-foundation.

ODF’s President serves as the chief executive of the Foundation and is directly responsible to MBA’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and indirectly to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  As the sole governing body of the Foundation, the Board oversees the strategic, operational and financial plans of all Foundation activities. Its Directors are active participants in the fundraising process and serve as advocates for the Foundation within the philanthropic community. The President sets fundraising priorities, identifies opportunities for partnerships, and devises strategies to secure substantial funding to meet ODF’s strategic goals. S/he also provides innovative leadership and the strategic vision necessary to continue building a comprehensive and robust program.

This is an exciting opportunity to take an emerging charitable foundation and build a strong, effective, and successful philanthropic organization.

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NSA Logo


Chief Executive Officer

The National Speakers Association (NSA) has retained Sterling Martin Associates to search for its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The position is located in NSA’s Tempe, Arizona headquarters, just outside of Phoenix.

Founded in 1973, the National Speakers Association is the “leading source for education, community, and entrepreneurial business knowledge needed to be successful in the speaking profession.” NSA is a 501(c)(6), purpose-driven, membership association that provides services to more than 3,500 members whose skills, expertise, and experience power the most recognized and respected professional speaker’s organization in the industry. NSA has the comprehensive resources, insightful education, and productive events that speakers need to develop their brands and grow their businesses. NSA’s members include experts in a variety of industries and disciplines who reach audiences as speakers, trainers, educators, humorists, motivators, consultants, authors, and more.

NSA is organized into 34 independently-run state and regional chapters throughout the U.S. NSA’s membership categories include Academy Membership (offered to aspiring speakers), Professional Membership (offered to established speakers), and Professional Affiliate Membership (offered to service suppliers who support speakers or who own speakers bureaus).

NSA is a founding member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), a network of 13 independent speaker associations representing 15 nations and individuals from over 20 countries. The GSF collectively serves the interests of their member associations while advancing professional speaking.

A separately-incorporated NSA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the National Speakers Association and serves to help those members and families of the NSA community, as well as those in need in the larger global community. The Foundation acts on behalf of NSA’s members to do something that comes naturally in the speaking profession – helping others.

NSA’s budget is in the $4M range. The organization is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors, including the Chief Executive Officer, who serves in a non-voting ex officio capacity. Nine members of the Board (including its six officers) make up the Executive Committee, which serves as the interim governing body between meetings of the Board. All Past-Presidents serve as ex officio members of the Board. A professional staff of 14 serves the organization from its Tempe headquarters. There are approximately 15-20 ongoing committees and ad hoc task forces (comprised of volunteers and staff) that are core to NSA’s work. For more information, please visit www.nsaspeaker.org.

NSA is seeking a visionary and business-savvy CEO seeking to lead a member-centric organization; a CEO who seeks to have an impact on the world by providing bold leadership to take the Association to its next level. As the association sector and membership organizations evolve, NSA seeks a CEO who has taken an organization through a “pivot,” or “shift,” in adapting new approaches to build revenue. Specifically, the CEO is responsible for: (1) directing and participating in growth activities to support NSA’s overall business objectives and plans; (2) developing and directing the execution of policies to support NSA in general and accomplish the organization’s strategic objectives; and (3) leading the organization in developing strategies and tactics to achieve NSA’s mission as set forth by the Board.

This is an exciting opportunity to join an organization built around the ideas of mutual support, shared success, and giving back. It is an organization whose Code of Ethics establishes and maintains NSA’s brand, reputation, and public confidence in the professionalism, dedication, and integrity of the members and the Association itself.

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Chief Executive Officer

The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA) has retained Sterling Martin Associates to search for the organization’s next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The position is located in Fairfax, VA and is available immediately.

Established in 1981, NAILBA is the premiere insurance industry organization promoting financial security and consumer choice through the use of independent brokerage distribution. NAILBA’s essential purpose is to serve as the national association of life, health, and annuity insurance distributors. NAILBA’s ~300 member agencies represent 250,000 producers who deliver more than $4B in first-year insurance premiums annually.

NAILBA is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors, which includes the CEO, who serves as an ex officio member. A professional staff of three serves NAILBA from the organization’s Fairfax, VA headquarters, and three contractors also support the organization’s operations. NAILBA’s budget is in the $3M range. A separately-incorporated charitable foundation encourages volunteerism among NAILBA members and also makes grants to community charities.

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO serves as the chief staff executive of NAILBA, responsible to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the effective conduct of the Association, providing leadership and overall strategic direction of the organization. The CEO is responsible for the management of all technical, financial, and personnel measures, resource development, and strategic planning. S/he is also responsible for executing on the Association’s recently-approved, two-year Strategic Plan. The CEO establishes and recommends Association goals, objectives, and related policies to the Board of Directors. Within that framework, the CEO plans, organizes, coordinates, controls and directs the staff, programs, and activities of the Association in compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations, NAILBA’s Bylaws, policies and procedures. The CEO is the primary face of the Association and is responsible for developing relationships and raising support for the organization.

NAILBA is at a critical point in its history. The next CEO will be able to guide NAILBA through a transformational period in terms of the Association’s growth and evolution. It is also a chance to strengthen NAILBA’s leadership role in serving the organization’s life, health, and annuity insurance distributors and in meeting NAILBA’s essential purpose “to promote financial security and consumer choice through the use of independent brokerage distribution.”

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OMA Logo


Executive Director

Sterling Martin Associates has been retained to search for Executive Director of the Obesity Medicine Association. The position is located in Denver, CO and is available immediately.

The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) is the largest organization of clinicians dedicated to preventing, treating, and reversing the disease of obesity. Originally founded as the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the organization underwent a major rebranding and changed its name to Obesity Medicine Association in 2015 to reflect the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and the global impact of obesity. This change aligned OMA with the widespread recognition of obesity as a disease and clarified the essence of the organization, allowing OMA to reach beyond the U.S. to fight obesity on a global scale and continue to lead the growing field of obesity medicine.

OMA’s members include over 1,800 clinicians. OMA’s budget is in the $2.5M range, and the organization is in strong financial health. OMA is governed by an 11-member Board of Trustees, and the essential work of the organization is conducted through 11 committees covering a wide range of subject matter areas and topics. A professional staff of eight guides OMA’s daily operations, and OMA presents two annual, five-day conference each spring and fall as well as other meetings and seminars throughout the year. A separately-incorporated 501(c)(3) foundation, the Obesity Treatment Foundation, was developed to raise funds for clinical research about the treatment of obesity and to increase awareness and understanding about the complexities of obesity.

This is an exciting opportunity to further elevate OMA’s profile, grow the organization’s domestic and international membership, continue the organization’s educational and professional development offerings as programs of the highest quality and value, and lead the OMA into the next stage of growth. For more information, please visit www.obesitymedicine.org.

Executive Director

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the overall strategic leadership of OMA: managing day-to-day activities of the organization; providing strategic leadership of all programs, services and resources; executing the objectives of the Strategic Plan, as approved by the Board of Trustees; overseeing the OMA professional staff; and providing oversight of the Obesity Treatment Foundation (OTF).  As the day-to-day face of the OMA, the ED plays a key external role representing the organization’s interests with related societies and partners. The ED provides financial and operational management and will be expected to oversee current programs and services as well as help identify and open new streams of revenue.

In cooperation with the Board of Trustees, the ED will have the opportunity to advance the organization through the implementation of OMA’s five-point Strategic Plan (2016-2020). S/he will work to expand OMA‘s visibility and credibility with external audiences, while responding to developing issues that affect the delivery of obesity medicine. The ED will have an understanding of the challenges likely to be faced as OMA executes new and expanded initiatives, and s/he will have the vision and creativity to help find solutions to those challenges.

The ED will be an excellent communicator and relationship-builder, with strong leadership skills. Finally, the ED will be responsible for promoting a dynamic, efficient organizational culture that embraces growth, ensures accountability, and maintains OMA’s long tradition of transparency and integrity.

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Chief Growth Officer

Easter Seals Serving DC | MD | VA (ESDCMDVA) has retained Sterling Martin Associates to search for its Chief Growth Officer (CGO). This is a new position that will be located at ESDCMDVA’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD just outside of Washington, DC. The Chief Growth Officer (CGO) will serve as a key member of the executive leadership team and will be responsible for engaging external constituencies to grow services in support of ESDCMDVA’s mission.  This will include building relationships with funders and partners, especially with governments and corporations, as well as with other organizations.

Since 1919, Easter Seals has been serving the nation’s communities by providing help, hope, and answers for those who are challenged by physical, mental, or emotional health issues. The organization was founded after Ohio businessman Edgar Allen lost his son in a streetcar accident. The lack of adequate medical services available to save his son prompted Allen to sell his business and begin a fundraising campaign to build a hospital in his hometown of Elyria, Ohio. Through this new hospital, Allen was surprised to learn that children with disabilities were often hidden from public view. Inspired by this discovery, in 1919 Allen founded what was then known as the National Society for Crippled Children, the first organization of its kind. In 1934 the organization began using Easter “seals” as a fundraising campaign; the seals grew so popular that in 1967 the organization formally adopted the name Easter Seals.  Easter Seals is non-sectarian and serves all people in the community.  Easter Seals provides services through a network of affiliates that are organized to meet the needs of the local community.

Easter Seals Serving DC|MD|VA is the affiliate serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.  ESDCMDVA delivers exceptional services through a network of six sites and in-home care, and the organization provides Adult Medical Day Care, Early Child Development and Education, Therapy, Respite, and Workforce Development services where participants and their families find support, hope, medical care, and enjoyable activities.  In addition to serving the overall community, ESDCMDVA’s programs place a special emphasis on the special needs of wounded warriors, veterans, and active duty military and their families.  ESDCMDVA is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a 24-member local Board of Directors that is focused on solving critical issues in our community so that all our neighbors thrive. ESDCMDVA’s budget will be approximately $20 million for the fiscal year.

ESDCMDVA’s unique and dedicated staff of over 200 professionals includes specialists in education, therapy, senior services, social work, coaching, assistive technology, nursing, and related professions.  In addition, as a part of the Easter Seals, Inc. international network, ESDCMDVA is able to draw on the resources of almost 25,000 professionals to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of service delivery. All ESDCMDVA staff share a set of Core Values which are an integral component to the success of the organization. Please visit www.eseal.org for more information.

For the Chief Growth Officer, success will be measured based on increased revenue from programs and public support as well as increased number of clients served and greater impact on clients and their families. Such measures include: (1) new funded programs created/increases in funding for current programs; (2) census growth in existing programs and measurable improvement in outcomes; (3) increased placements in the Veteran Staffing Network; and (4) increased public support revenue.

The CGO will report directly to the CEO.  The CGO’s direct reports will include the Vice President of Development & Marketing and the Senior Vice President of Innovation & Program Development.  The CGO will also partner closely with other members of the leadership team, including the leaders of ESDCMDVA’s programs and the CFO as well as the Board of Directors.

Click here for the Full Position Description or download in a PDF format.


Executive Director


The United States Society on Dams (USSD) has retained Sterling Martin Associates to search for the organization’s next Executive Director (ED). The position is located in Denver, Colorado but an alternate location may be considered.

Established in 1930, and incorporated in 1988 as a 501(c)(3) professional society, USSD is a world-class organization dedicated to the environmentally sustainable science of planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining dams, levees and associated civil works.  USSD’s members focus on advancing the awareness and understanding of dam and levee systems by building communities of practice through a common mission to advocate, educate, collaborate and cultivate. By focusing on the profession, USSD brings together relevant expertise to study questions about the technical, economic, financial, environmental, and social aspects of dam and levee projects. As the United States member of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), USSD provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences worldwide and is charged with leading the profession of dam and levee engineering in the United States.

USSD members include approximately 1,100 individuals and over70 sustaining and organizational members. The sustaining and organizational members include governmental and military agencies, power companies, large engineering and construction firms, and technology companies. USSD’s member volunteers form the backbone of the organization by leading 18 technical and operating committees.   The Committee members publish white papers, organize the annual conference, and conduct technical workshops.

The organization is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors. In 2014, the USSD Board of Directors approved a new 5-year Strategic Plan outlining key initiatives which are actively in progress.  Because of the contributions from its membership, USSD is in a strong financial position with a current annual operating budget of nearly $600,000 and total equity of over $500,000. In addition to the annual operating budget, USSD’s strategic investments fund scholarships and other special long-term projects outside the purview of the operating budget.  Visit www.ussdams.org for more information.

Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) serves as the chief executive of USSD in accordance with the Operating Manual and By-laws and its policies and directives. The ED is responsible for the active management of the day-to-day operation of USSD and its interactions with the Central Office of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). The ED reports to the USSD President and Board of Directors and takes a leadership role in the implementation of the Strategic Plan and annual strategic initiatives. Through program and fiscal management and staff leadership, the ED achieves economical, productive, and constructive growth of USSD while assisting the USSD Board in maintaining a leadership role in the dams and levees industry both domestically and internationally. This is an exciting opportunity for candidates who have an interest in history and how the dam industry was built in the United States. The successful candidate will help lead the Society forward as a major re-investment is made in critical water infrastructure to serve current and future generations.

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